Fans were encouraged to walk or cycle instead of travelling in their cars

Northampton Town fans are leading the way in making football more sustainable after beating Manchester United to win the Planet League Cup.

Fans of the League Two club carried out over 15,000 green actions across five weeks to win the sustainability tournament, contested by 77 professional clubs.

On their way to claiming the title, the Cobblers defeated the Premier League’s Manchester United, West Ham, Leeds and Leicester.

The Red Devils finished second, followed by Lincoln City and West Ham.

Northampton fans took 1,620,000 steps instead of driving their cars, saved almost 10,000 litres of water and hugged 194 trees.

Fans could score goals for their clubs by carrying out these activities:

  • Layer up – Put on as many layers of clothing as possible in 30 seconds
  • No Moura landfill – Show off your football skills while recycling, backed by Lucas Moura
  • Power 5k – Go for a walk/cycle instead of using the car
  • Pumped up – Pump up your car tyres
  • Screens off – Try a screen-free evening
  • Over the line – Hanging out the washing instead of using the tumble drier
  • Smart move – Get a smart meter installed
  • Snap a bug – Get into nature and identify an insect
  • Meat-free meal – Eat a meat-free meal
  • Bug stadium – Build a football stadium for the bugs
  • Fergie-time food – Grab some yellow-ticket food from the supermarket
  • No-moo milk – Try plant-based milk
  • Charity shop drop – Donate a bag of preloved clothes

Fan actions were verified using the Planet League Cup’s virtual assistant referee (VAR) system.

Tom Gribbin, CEO of Planet League, said: “Huge congratulations to Northampton Town and their fans for lifting the Planet League trophy.

“From hosting a green game and getting their players involved to their incredible schools and community engagement, they have shown the power of football for doing good for the planet.”

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