England started off their home Euro 2022 campaign with a deserved 1-0 win over Austria.

The performance was less than electrifying though and your top-rated player of the game was England defender Millie Bright… with only 6.54.

She narrowly beat Austria keeper Manuela Zinsberger’s 6.51.

England striker Ellen White was the worst-ranked player with 4.99.

Player of the match

BrightMillie Bright


  1. Squad number1Player nameZinsberger

  2. Squad number19Player nameHanshaw

  3. Squad number7Player nameWenninger

  4. Squad number14Player nameHöbinger

  5. Squad number12Player nameWienroither

  6. Squad number2Player nameGeorgieva

  7. Squad number11Player nameSchnaderbeck

  8. Squad number9Player nameZadrazil

  9. Squad number10Player nameFeiersinger

  10. Squad number15Player nameBilla

  11. Squad number3Player nameNaschenweng

  12. Squad number17Player namePuntigam

  13. Squad number18Player nameHickelsberger-Füller

  14. Squad number8Player nameDunst

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