Julian Nagelsmann took over from Hansi Flick as manager of Bayern Munich last summer

Julian Nagelsmann says he has received death threats on social media after his Bayern Munich side were knocked out of the Champions League by Villarreal.

“I know I will always get criticism from all sides – that’s normal and I can deal with it,” said Nagelsmann, 34.

“But with 450 death threats on Instagram, it’s not so easy.”

Nagelsmann is in his first season as manager of German league champions Bayern, having taken over from Hansi Flick last summer.

His side are nine points clear in the Bundesliga and look set to retain their title.

“If people want to kill me that’s one thing, but they also attack my own mother, who doesn’t even care about football,” added Nagelsmann.

“I don’t understand it. As soon as they turn off the TV, people forget all decency. And they think they are the ones in the right, that’s the crazy thing.”

Asked whether he had considered taking legal action, Nagelsmann said: “I would never be done with it. I get them after every single game, regardless of whether we win or lose.

“There are more death threats when we play with a back three than when we play with a back four, and obviously a few more whenever we lose.”

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