At some point on Sunday, if you were paying any attention to social media, you saw video of a police officer at Lambeau Field giving Packers running back A.J. Dillon a hard shove, before Dillon performed a leap into the crowd during the weather deal of the Manchester City vs. FC Bayern soccer match. It looked strange, to say the least.

The officer didn’t stop Dillon from jumping into the stands. However, the shove suggested that the officer was in some way irritated or aggravated with Dillon.

A longer version of the video shows Dillon interacting with the crowd before the police officer grabs him. After Dillon apparently explains that he intends to perform a Lambeau Leap, the cop pushes him away.

Dillon defended the officer: “Two security told me and helped me come down to the field during the 30 minute rain delay, so I could do a Lambeau leap and hype up the crowd. . . . I’m assuming he missed them telling me to come down.” Dillon also said that it was “just miscommunication” and that “I’m glad we have them down there for our games to keep us safe.”

It was still an odd reaction by the officer, to shove Dillon the way he did.

A.J. Dillon’s Lambeau Leap during soccer match creates odd viral moment originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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