The 2020 Liga MX Opening Tournament could return the last days of July

Mexican football suffered a new suspension with the cancellation of the 2020 Closing Tournament, after the determination became official in the hours of this afternoon, that the remaining seven dates will not be played again. It is a product of this, that the 2020 Opening Tournament, it is already beginning to be analyzed on a possible start date.

According to reports that were delivered on Friday through the media, the executive organizations of Mexican football, already thinking at a date so that the championship can be played again.

Just as it was pointed out by the Record Diary through their website, where they detailed that the 2020 Opening Tournament could return the last days of July or, at worst, the first days of August.

As a result of the same, training in our country could be activating the last days of June, having almost a month of preparation to start a new championship.

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