Rival, day and schedule: when does Cruz Azul play again for the MX League?

Cruz Azul met again of defeats in the eLiga MX, and that is that despite the good streak that he had been harvesting in the 9th, 10th and 11th, it was on the dates 12 and 13 that the Machine fell again in the video game contest organized by Mexican football, now at the hands of the White Roosters of Querétaro.

And your next match will be the most complicated of all, since the next challenge of the Machine will be before Club León on Tuesday, May 26 from 14:00 hours, in the virtual Nou Camp stadium, for the 14th day.

This will play day 14 of eLiga MX. (Photo: Capture)

The cast of the Lion to play the eLiga MX is also represented by Angel Mena and José Rodríguez, but the only one who has played all twelve matches is Nicolás Sosa, who is undefeated and has barely drawn twice.

Although we are in the 13th round, León will face Toluca on Sunday at 14:00, and until before that match, he won ten wins, two draws and zero losses, with 32 points that have him at the top of the table and with the qualification to the Liguilla already closed.

Although it is not yet official, everything indicates that Santiago Giménez will repeat as a gamer against ‘Nickiller’ next Tuesday, in what would be his last match as representative of Cruz Azul in the eLiga MX.

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