Liga MX: Rodolfo Pizarro shoots strong “threat” against Rubens Sambueza

During an interview for the famous Spanish youtuber ZABALIVE, the Mexican footballer Rodolfo Pizarro, noted who has been the worst-ranked footballer has fallen him into a pitch, ensuring that Rubens Sambueza is one of them.

In that line, Pizarro pointed out that despite feeling some admiration for his playing and the personality he shows on the court, which he would like to imitate, if there are times when he would like to kick him for how bad he falls.

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“The truth is that Sambueza. I like the way he plays, the personality he shows on the court, I’d like to imitate him, but already on the field if there are times I’d like to kick him,” he confessed.

In addition, on that list, Pizarro added Gabriel Peñalba, a former footballer from Blue Cross, who assured him that he mocked him on one occasion, after beating him in a phase of Liguilla.

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