Total War: Warhammer 2 now has a dabbing goblin named Niblet

Step aside, Henry Cavill, Warhammer 2’s latest DLC has a real star now: Niblet. Niblet is a goblin. He is not a goblin leader, he’s more like the hype-man, standard-bearer, and charioteer for notably fat goblin Grom the Paunch. He’s beloved by all right-thinking fans of Warhammer Fantasy, so much so that an entire color of Games Workshop’s miniatures paint line is named after him. (Niblet’s great feat, for the record, was getting sat on by Grom the Paunch and surviving.) 

We now know that Niblet is not just hype as heck, but he also stunts on stunties and dabs upon pointy-headed elf gits. An eagle-eyed redditor spotted Niblet doing the signature dance move of the mid-2010s on the character select screen. Behold:


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