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Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has said the wrong thing after West Ham defeat | Football | Sport

Had Mourinho said this a decade ago, few would question him.

But football has changed and the 58-year-old hasn’t. He does now appear to be a man out of time, too stubborn to adapt to the modern game.

Mourinho’s defensive football used to get results. However, attacks across the world have got better to the point he, and the way his side play, is easy to suss out.

This is another comment that can easily come back to bite him.

And whether Mourinho continues at Tottenham remains to be seen, with talk of the Portuguese getting the sack growing increasingly louder.

Brendan Rodgers appears to be the favourite to take over yet it’s unlikely the Northern Irishman will want to leave Leicester just yet, especially given their sublime form.

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