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Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer rids Jose Mourinho mentality at Old Trafford | Football | Sport

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes his softly-softly approach has been key to getting the best out of players who struggled with tough love under his predecessor.

The United manager has unlocked potential in like Luke Shaw and Paul Pogba, players who often found themselves on the outside under hard-nosed Jose Mourinho.

And while the Norwegian was keen to deflect credit to his players and his staff, there seems no doubt the arm-around-the-shoulder rather than the boot-up-the-backside is working.

“We have set a culture in the way we want to behave and that’s helped them,” he said ahead of their trip to Fulham tonight. “But personally I like to speak to them, I like to have individual chats.

“I am probably more honest with them there but you always try to walk out that room having affected each other.

“If it’s a smile and walk out in a good mood, or I’ve made them think what they need to do to get back into the team.

“I remember from my time the managers and coaches I’ve had, and when they took the time to really see me as a human being, the whole me, my family and everything. That is a big part of my style.”

Of all his players Luke Shaw seems to have benefitted most from Solskjaer’s Hygge style.

For the player whose fitness was criticised publicly by Louis Van Gaal and who was ridiculed publicly for not being able to think for himself on the pitch by Mourinho, Solskjaer’s touch has proved golden.

Solskjaer suggested becoming a father has proved a step change in Shaw’s life, but he also insisted he has proved receptive to advice.

And he has no doubts his front men can rediscover their touch in front of goal soon enough.

“Bruno is not tired – no chance – and he’s been immense for us. And I know Edinson Cavani, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood will score more goals, because we see that quality all the time.

“I am not worried about that. I trust the players we have in there to come good again.”

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