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Liverpool news: Jurgen Klopp told to have big conversations with three star players | Football | Sport

He continued: “This is where Klopp comes into it as well and earns his corn, because it’s one thing to say ‘things are not going well, this is wrong, this is right’ – the fact is, these three games we’re talking about, they’ve had over 70 per cent of the ball in every game.

“So it’s not a complete and utter shambles, the fact is that Klopp now has to have a word, and a quiet word and a clever word, with the front three.

“Sometimes it’s just about a little nugget that you give a player, the likes of Mane.

“Why don’t you say to Mane ‘you’re standing in the box, you’re standing with your back to goal all the time, can you get yourself half-turned?’.

“Salah’s the same, instead of always looking to run in or again be standing in the box, why don’t you stand a little wider, a little deeper?

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