Regardless of which team it was, missing out on winning the Premier League title was always going to be a tough blow for supporters to take.

Fortunately, it was Manchester City that prevailed on the final day of the season, fighting back from two goals down to beat Aston Villa and finish a point clear of Liverpool at the top of the table.

A fair proportion of Liverpool fans haven’t exactly been gracious in defeat, but none have been worse than former Liverpool defender Jose Enrique. In recent weeks he has used Twitter to take potshots at City and bemoan the unfairness of Liverpool’s failure to win either the league title or Champions League.

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On Sunday, the Spaniard tweeted: ‘What was the worst referee’s decision in the 2021/22 season?’. He then replied to his own question with the following tweet.

While even the most ardent City fan admits that Rodri got away with that handball at Goodison Park, it’s absolutely ludicrous to suggest that the failure of the VAR to award a penalty in any way cost Liverpool the title.

City fans on Twitter have been quick to address Enrique’s desperate complaints, and explain the real reasons why Liverpool didn’t win the Premier League.

@la_tarrant: You’re a grown man. Stop.

@WorldWideGeoff: What cost you the title is not being able to beat the champs. Simple stuff really.

@jefferypounds2: Not just the champs, I don’t believe they won a single game against top 4 teams during PL season. Not a single one. Thats what cost you.

@pickles0303: What about when Milner, Fabinho and Thiago should have all seen red against City?

@Jonny_MCFC_7: No it didn’t. Liverpool not winning more games than city cost them the title.

@WillinghamLiam: My god get over it.

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