Erling Haaland has finally been confirmed as a Manchester City player. City had confirmed a deal had been agreed in principle to sign Haaland last month, pending personal terms and other formalities, with the transfer fee believed to stand at £51m.

Now those obligations have been completed, City this morning announced Haaland officially, confirming he joins on a five-year contract until 2027 with the transfer going through on July 1.

City said: “Manchester City is delighted to confirm the signing of Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund. “The 21-year-old will join the Club on 1 July after penning a five-year deal which keeps him at the Etihad Stadium until the summer of 2027.”

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As part of the club’s unveiling, they released an interview with the new Blues’ striker – here is the interview, in full:

So why Manchester City?

“First of all my father a little bit. I was born in England. I’ve been a City fan my whole life. I know a lot about the club. And I think in the end I feel a bit home here and also I think I can develop and get the best out of my game.

What do you think of our style of play? And do you think we’re a good fit for you?

Yeah, of course, if not, they wouldn’t come so. So yeah, I liked the style. I liked the attacking football. I liked the kind of positive vibe we have when we play football, this is what I like a lot. So yeah, I think I think it’s a really good fit.

When you’ve been watching our games this season. Have you been imagining yourself in the team and in certain positions?

Yes, I have. It’s going to be good.

We think Pep is the world’s best coach. Your goal record suggests that you’re the world’s best young striker. Does that feel like a perfect match?

Yeah, as I said, I think I can develop a lot on the back in this club. So I think I can get better on a lot of things.

Have you managed to speak to Pep yet and what has he said to you? What’s he looking for from you?

Yeah, I spoke a little bit with him and we both look forward to working with each other.

You’ve got this remarkable goalscoring record. you’ve scored 135 goals in 183 professional matches, youngest player ever to hit 50 Bundesliga goals. What do you put that down to is it mentality, positional strength, physicality? What is it?

Yeah, I think it’s a good mix between a lot of things. I think first of all it’s my joy to play football and to try to enjoy every single moment and when I enjoy I win football games and I score goals. So yeah, I always want to have fun and yeah, I think it’s a good mix between a lot of things.

You seem to like the big stage as well, because your Champions League record is also phenomenal. You reached 20 goals in that competition in just 14 games, which is a record. Why is that what is it about that competition and those big nights that make you come alive?

I always like Champions League so that’s a bit more special in my eyes, and yeah, I like it.

Is it true that the Champions League anthem was your ringtone for a while you heard?

It still is!

You’ve been to the Etihad – of course before you played with Dortmund in 2021 and there was a video of you and Jude Bellingham walking out onto the pitch and you just turned to Jude and said ‘this is beautiful man’. What was your experience of playing at the Etihad?

Yeah, first of all, I’ve been there a couple of times before watching games. And like it’s beautiful. I like the colour and also I played the big huge stadium and I’m looking forward to play.

We saw after that game as well you were talking to Phil Foden. Have you watched much of him and what’s your assessment of him as a footballer?

Yeah. As I said, I’ve been watching a lot of City games for the last, as long as I can remember, so of course then also watch Phil. Amazing, amazing player, talent because he’s still young here, but he’s an amazing player and he still has to develop and then he can we can really talk.

What about Riyad Mahrez because I believe you bumped into him last summer. Did he say some good things about City?

He told me to come to City. But he was right about that. He said some good things about the club.

Your dad of course captained City at the turn of the millennium, you mentioned briefly before but what kind of role is he played in selling the club to you and helping you make this decision?

Yeah, of course. He lived in England. He played for the club. Of course, a lot of things has changed in the last 20 years but he lived here so you know, knows what it is and we’ve just been speaking about basically how it is. What’s the best for me? What’s this? What’s that and try to find out everything and it’s been a good dad in that in that thing that did?

Did he ever take you to Maine Road?

I’ve been to a lot of games I don’t remember. But I was on a lot of games with my mom, sister and brother.

You obviously have outstanding ability but you’re also a very hard worker. Gunnar Halle, the former Leeds United and Norway youth coach, said that you know you are somebody who will practice, practice, practice. Do you? Do you ever get annoyed when you see other players maybe who are talented but don’t put the work in the you do to try and reach the top?

I don’t get annoyed but I remember when I was young there was a lot of good players around me that had huge potential but there were so many talents that goes to waste because they don’t have it or they don’t want or they think this is the right thing or whatever. So yes, of course. I think it’s really important to to train a lot but also to train right and to do the right things and to practice on the right things. I think that’s a really, really important thing to become to become good at football isn’t the only thing that you accelerate.

I believe in 2006 you set the record for the longest standing long jump by a five-year-old – is that true?

That’s true. I don’t remember it but I remember I went on. I don’t know what it’s called. Track and Field or whatever and jumping and all these kind of things. And my mother did. Yoga. So she always brought me something that was running. And I think that’s also why I speak from my jumping and everything and yeah, it’s true.

So what are your plans now for the rest of the summer – you’re obviously going to try and get some rest.

Come back and play. Rest the head, body everything and then get ready for a new season.

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