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Vincent Kompany is drawing inspiration from Manchester City’s unlikely Premier League victory in 2012 as he fights to keep Burnley afloat. The Clarets are seven points away from safety before their challenging home match against Arsenal today. Kompany recalls how no one thought City would win the Premier League in 2012 when they were trailing QPR 2-1 with only minutes left in the season.

Sergio Aguero scored a goal that has gone down in club history, securing an unexpected victory. Kompany says his career has been about defying the odds.

“I experienced a moment in my life where we had to score two goals in three minutes to win the league,” said the Burnley boss. “What are the statistics of that happening? What are the odds of happening?

“It’s happened consistently in my life. What are the odds of a young kid from Brussels from a diverse background, making it into the most difficult league in the world and lifting trophies? What are the odds of that? So the consistent message is believe, it’s absolutely that. One thing you’re guaranteed is if you give up, you get nothing.”

Kompany insists he is not thinking about relegation, even though director JJ Watt admitted it would be “irresponsible” of them not to consider it.

Kompany says Watt is referring to board meetings in the summer when the directors assessed the implications of staying up and going down for the club.

“It’s really important for me to stress that these plans were made probably back in the summer of what a scenario looks like if you stay up and what it looks like if you go down,” he said.

“Once the season starts, it just takes all your energy and focus and attention to just be locked in.

“So right now, it’s not a word I want to use. But we haven’t shied away from it, which is probably why the club is so calm, which is probably why we have that togetherness here and the players still show that as well.”

Burnley plan to stick with Kompany, regardless of what league they are in next season, and he insists he is not thinking about his position being safe.

“The goal is always to win the next game,” he said. “The rest, which manager it is, who that is, has personal implications, but it’s not something I think about.”

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