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Mauricio Pochettino’s players looked crestfallen at the final whistle, and have been widely perceived to have missed a golden opportunity to land a major trophy against a Liverpool team ravaged by injuries. And the 23-year-old walked up the Wembley stairs with his head bowed in disappointment, only to be angered further by an opposition fan.

In video footage that has since gone viral on X, a Liverpool supporter shouted “Enzo” until he got the attention of the Argentine. When Fernandez turned around, the fan then screamed “unlucky lad” before laughing uncontrollably.

The player initially moved towards the seating area to seemingly confront his heckler. However, teammates behind him ushered him up the steps to collect his runner-up medal.

And there wasn’t much sympathy on Twitter for the 2022 World Cup winner. @drakston_MCI joked “He wanted to reveal his Argentina gangster side there,” while @UtdPen wrote: “Neither was he in the mood to win it.”

@DsgJigsaw added: “Nearly had a Roy Keane moment” while @RamoneBueerba1 implied the player’s actions displayed a lack of dignity, saying: “Lacks class tbh. Be a good winner and loser… always!”

Fernandez played for the full 120 minutes, but the afternoon only served to exacerbate what has already been a turbulent campaign for Chelsea and their record signing. Fernandez signed from Benfica in January 2022 for £106.8million, but has managed just seven goals since in 53 club appearances.

And Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville savaged the Blues in the aftermath of their defeat, ranting: “In extra-time it’s been Klopp’s kids against the blue, billion-pound bottlejobs.

“Chelsea, I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. Mauricio Pochettino’s players have shrunk. They have shrunk right in front of our eyes and in front of their fans.”

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