Chelsea have ‘new John Terry’ after Man City draw who can win Blues the Carabao Cup | Football | Sport

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He told Sky Sports: “I can’t remember a better defensive performance this season, certainly from a central defender. You’re coming away to Manchester City, playing against the best striker in the world, he was brilliant. He was Man of the Match, definitely the best player on the pitch. He was just throwing himself in front of everything.

“We’ve moved on a little from my time when that was the type of performance you’d see from centre-backs 15 or 20 years ago. Now we see them building from the back and getting on the ball so that was almost a bit of a throwback really.

“It was backs against the wall throwing yourself in front of things, every time the ball comes in you’re like a magnet. Talking about Chelsea, that was a John Terry performance and I can’t give any higher praise than that.”


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