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Porto’s Champions League hero Galeno has warned Arsenal that his team will use the same strategy that led to their victory in the second leg of the Champions League.

Porto managed a surprise win over the Premier League title contenders thanks to Galeno’s last-minute goal, deep into stoppage time. The home team also kept Mikel Arteta’s side from making any shots on target.

The defeat means Arsenal have a lot of work to do if they want to make it to the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time since 2010.

Arteta has been told he needs to find a way to counteract the game plan that led to his team’s defeat on Wednesday. Galeno has encouraged his team to stay focused and try to frustrate their opponents again in the second leg.

“The credit for my goal goes to the whole team for everything we did in the 90 minutes. We worked well, defended well and the energy was there, on the pitch,” said Galeno following the win.

“I had the chance to shoot and I was lucky to score a fantastic goal that gave us the win. The team wins with my goal and I’m happy I helped my team go home with the victory.

“Nothing is won, though. We’re going to London to try to do what we did here and be a solid team, defending well. We’re aiming to come back home with a ticket to the quarter finals.”

Porto’s manager Sergio Conceicao praised his team for their ‘perfect’ game against Arsenal, particularly as his side did not have much time to get ready.

After the match, Conceicao said, “We can’t forget we are halfway through the round, with 90 something minutes to go, but the players should be happy for what they have done,”

“We had little time to work, but we worked very focused, with a lot of determination and knowing the opponent’s strengths, with our usual humility. We didn’t allow the opponent to explore situations where they are very strong.”

“And the team perfectly interpreted the spaces we had to take to condition them. In addition, we also knew what we had to do to hurt the opponent. It was a high-level game, a Champions League game. Arsenal had more ball, but we were more dangerous.

“The wings are one of Arsenal’s strengths and we did very well in getting the ball there. From the middle, we also conditioned them a lot. The players followed the strategy for this game perfectly.”

The Gunners face the return leg against Porto at the Emirates Stadium on March 12.


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