Man Utd plan for Mason Greenwood prompts Getafe into public comment after Ratcliffe update | Football | Sport

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Greenwood will certainly have a role to play in deciding where he plays next season, with Barcelona and several Italian outfits credited with monitoring his situation closely. Ultimately Ratcliffe will have the biggest say of all those involved in discussions about the loanee.

Earlier this week he said: “He’s a Manchester United footballer, so we are in charge of football. So the answer is, ‘Yeah, we have to make decisions’. It’s quite clear we have to make a decision. There is no decision that’s been made. He’s on loan obviously, but he’s not the only one. We’ve got one or two footballers that we have to deal with and we have to make a decision, so we will do that.

“The process will be: understand the facts, not the hype, and then try and come to fair decision on the basis of values, which is basically is he a good guy or not? Could he play sincerely for Manchester United well, would we be comfortable with it and would the fans be comfortable with it?”

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