Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell raises eyebrows with Champions League comment before cup final | Football | Sport

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In the absence of Reece James, Chilwell will captain his side against Liverpool, and the 27-year-old is confident that his side have the talent to win trophies in both the short and long term, but only if other players step up and lead by example. He continued: “When I joined we had a lot of leaders here. We knew the standards. As a new player, I knew what was expected in training or in a game. As a senior player, I have to take on that role of setting the standards every day.

“When you join the club there’s a lot of outside noise that Chelsea wins, and in the past has won a lot of trophies. It’s not something that we need to be drilling into the boys as well. It’s more the levels and the standards that are required. As soon as that’s nailed, with the talent that we have, the trophies will follow.”

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