Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho hits back at Arsenal star Mesut Ozil | Football | Sport

Mourinho is said to have then responded: “Oh, are you giving up now? You’re such a coward. What do you want? To creep under the beautiful, warm shower. Shampoo your hair? To be alone? Or do you want to prove to your fellow players, the fans out there, and me, what you can do?”

Ozil went on to explain: “I’m so p****d off. I’d like to throw my shoes at his head.

“I want him to stop and finally leave me alone. ‘You know what, Mesut’, Mourinho said. ‘Go ahead and cry. You’re such a baby going to take a shower. We do not need you’.

“Slowly I get up, grab my towel and walk past him without a word, without taking a look at Mourinho.”

Both men have since spoken fondly of each other though, with Mourinho even naming Ozil in his best ever XI of players he has managed in his career.

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